There is a clear natural lens within the eye, that works hand in hand with the clear outer window of the eye(cornea). These two focus light rays onto the retina of the eye so that one can appreciate a clear image of what is seen. The clouding of that lens is what is normally called a cataract. The presence of a cataract scatters light rays and causes the formation of blurred images.

Symptoms are

  • Blurred or hazy vision
  • A feel of looking through cobwebs, dirty window pane, fog or smoke
  • Reduced intensity of colors
  • Increased sensitivity to glare from lights, particularly when driving at night
  • Increased difficulty seeing at night
  • Change in the eye’s refractive error, or prescription

Cataract Surgery at Rods and Cones is performed by professional and skilled surgeons in an  extremely safe and contusive environment. A  wide range of intraocular lens implants are available for use  to ensure that your clients expectations are met.

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